CRA Tax Audit Defense

You never know when the Canada Revenue Agency might decide to take a closer look at your previous tax filings. This can be a stressful time for you, as how can you possibly budget for the unexpected? Our team works hard to prepare you for a tax audit, and help you through the audit should it come to fruition.

It’s important to understand that your tax return could be audited, even if it 100% accurate. Our team has extensive experience dealing with the tax auditors, and will:

  • Help you understand the correspondence CRA sends you
  • Review and prepare your books and records
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments with the government auditor
  • Work on your behalf to defend your return to the CRA
  • Advise you on any problem areas in your tax return and explain the implications of these
  • Establish the financial impact of an audit
  • Negotiate a repayment plan for any debt that may be owed to the CRA